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Up next is the South Boston Open Studios Group Show

South Boston Open Studios is Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd. Mark your calandars and be sure to stop by The Distillery to catch up with all of our great resident artists.

Visit for more information.

in the gallery until October 19th, CRYPSIS

Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept 14th, 8-10pm with DJs Stephen Decker and Giancarlo Corbacho

Imitation takes its most sincere form as surroundings soak inward, dissolving the borders that allow us to create the definitions on which we rely, while still the essence remains unchangeable. Simple camouflage is only a first step – the predator darts from light to dark, nowhere and yet everywhere at once. The phenomena explored here are far older than man – an ongoing evolutionary arms race between the hunter and hunted. A clever creature allows itself to disappear amidst its surroundings, confusing the perception of its opponent; senses now betray the predator as the essence of the cryptic one is maintained – yet simultaneously and expertly decontextualized.

In Crypsis, five artists explore the diversity of these strategies through new works this fall at the Distillery Gallery. Communication is through the language of shimmering light, isolation of that which seeks to blend in. The vocabulary of corporate suggestion is at once garbled and made plain. The implications of camouflage and mimicry in advertising, military and animal capabilities provide a focus for this exciting set of works from this international group of young, up-and-coming artists.

Victoria Duffee was born in New York City in 1988. She attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and now lives and works in Brookyln, NY. She is obsessed with movies and the possibilities of reality in pretending.

Florencia Escudero is an artist from Argentina who lives and works in Jersey City, NJ. She studied art at the School of Visual Arts in New York and earned her master’s degree in sculpture at Yale. In October she will be attending the Art Farm Residency in Nebraska.

George Heintz works and lives in New Jersey. He studied at the School of Visual Arts and is influenced by the Arte Povera movement.

Carly Planker lives and works in Brooklyn. However, most of her photography is about her travels to anywhere from the beach to Russia. After attending the School of Visual Arts where she studied photography, Carly produced events for the global art non-profit Slideluck Potshow for almost two years.

Randi Shandroski was born in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada and now lives and works in Boston, MA. She graduated in 2012 with her master’s degree in sculpture at Yale. She is currently the CEO of LACTIC INC., a conceptual clothing company.

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